Moss Art Installations


Different kinds of moss can be used. I generally use flat and bun. The moss is used like an artist uses paint to achieve colours, textures and depth of each piece in the installation. From logos to walls to groupings of colour, or framed pieces. The moss draws you in. Bringing green into your workplace or living space has enormous benefits. You will never tire of looking at it and as the natural light in the room changes, so do the colours of the moss. Just beautiful.

Moss Art Installations.

Green walls are appearing more and more frequently in the workplace, public space and in homes.
The more ‘green’ we have around us, the calmer and at peace we feel, as it imitates the great outdoors. A moss wall is neither living or dead, but made of moss that is dormant, having been preserved using a natural paraffin and glycerine process.
Moss walls retain their lush look with zero maintenance for at least ten years (except from an occasional light dusting)


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